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Discounted Holiday Beach Houses Accommodation

Australia is the only country that has a whole continent to itself. World famous for its natural wonders and wide open spaces, its beaches, deserts, "the bush", and "the Outback", Australia is actually one of the world's most highly urbanised countries. It is also well known for the cosmopolitan attractions of its large cities such as Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Perth. - Wikipedia

If you are looking for discounted holiday beach houses or vacation rentals you might want to consider visiting the top Australian vacation spots especially in Canberra, Sydney, Darwin, Adelaide, Melbourne, Brisbane, Cairns, Hobart, Perth;

Canberra Holiday Accommodation

Canberra is situated in the northern part of the Australia Capital Territory (ACT). A holiday house for rent in Canberra is ideal for the whole family looking for holiday accommodation where you can stay and have easy access to enjoy sailing, fishing, cricket, football and cycling. Canberra's climate is best for all these activities.

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Sydney Holiday House

Well-known with "The Opera House", Sydney is the centre of travel and tourism activities. With the pleasant blue skies, Sydney is the perfect place for cruises, ecological tours and outdoor adventures like wildlife for the whole family. There are so many holiday houses in Sydney for you to rent and enjoy the mellow sunshine cascading the beaches together with the Blue Mountains which make Sydney the most visited place in Australia. If you decided to rent a holiday house in central Sydney, just few minutes of travel, you can see the Darling Harbour, the world's greatest waterfront destination.

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Darwin Beach Houses - Hued in Cool Shades of Greens and Blues

You will not enjoy stay in Darwin beach houses don't visit the tropical rain forests, waterfalls and splendid rock formations that give the extreme color variation that makes Darwin hued in cool shades of green and blues. A heavenly adventure is blended with the city restaurants near your holiday beach house, hotels and easy access to museums and art galleries together with a resplendent nightlife.

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Adelaide Holiday Homes

Known of being tidy and elegant Adelaide is also the capital of South Australia. Being the city of gardens, discounted holiday homes for rent with historic sites; Adelaide is famous with its colorful celebrations and festivals extending throughout the year makes your holiday stay totally festal. Being the most urbanized state in the world South Australia has a vast majority of its population lives in the capital city, Adelaide. The coastline south of Adelaide is rich and varied with beautiful holiday homes, beaches, magnificent coastal scenery, and abundant bird-life near your holiday house. Attractions in this region include Warrawong Sanctuary, Strathalbyn and Barossa Valley. Little penguins are found around Australia's southern coastline.

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Holidays in Canberra, Sydney, Darwin, Adelaide, Melbourne, Brisbane, Australia

The national holidays in Australia are:

  • 1 January: New Years' Day
  • 26 January: Australia Day, marking the anniversary of the First Fleet's landing in Sydney Cove in 1788.
  • Easter weekend ("Good Friday", "Easter Saturday", "Easter Sunday" and "Easter Monday"): a four day long weekend in March or April set according to the Western Christian dates.
  • 25 April: ANZAC Day, honouring military veterans
  • Second Monday in June: Queen's birthday holiday (celebrated in Western Australia in September) (WA observes Foundation Day a week earlier)
  • 25 December: Christmas Day
  • 26 December: Boxing Day

Peak holiday times

Most attractions in Australia remain open year-round, some operating at a reduced frequency or shorter hours during the off-peak season.

Salaried Australians have four weeks of annual leave and school children in the major population centres have January as a long break. Domestic tourism is strongest during January and the Easter school holidays.

Summer tends to be the peak travel season through much of the south, with the winter (dry) season the peak travel season in the tropics.

Australian teenagers celebrate the end of school for 3 weeks at the end of October and early November. The volume of teen revellers can completely change the nature of some of the cities and towns they choose to visit. [1]



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