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Bungendore Cleaning, Wiping, Polishing Rags Wholesale

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Wiping, Polishing, Cleaning: The many uses of Rags

In today's modern living, the last thing that would come to one's mind in doing business would be rags. But, truly there is riches in rags. Whether for cleaning, wiping or polishing, we just take for granted it's use.

For Rags-R-Us, a company, who thrives in the business for sometime now, it has become a living. Rags. It is such a taken for granted thing but it has lots of benefits. Whenever we need to clean, wipe or polish something, did it ever occur to your mind that you are using a rag.

Conveniently located in the New South Wales of Bungendore and servicing Canberra & Queanbeyan

For wiping and polishing, these are two different actions which produce different results. Wiping is just getting the dirt of it while polishing is time consuming because you need to take time to make the surface look good.

White soft knits are the general type, as the name suggests it is in white. Th absorbency rate should be excellent.

The company also offers Furniture felt rolls and packing blankets. Upon delivering these rags are packaged in 15kg per pack.

Delivery only to:
New South Wales
(pending stock availability)

Contact information:
Ph: 0402 347 607
Fax: (02) 6238 2884
credit card welcome

So the next time you are in need if a rag, think how this piece of cloth considered as cleaning wipers could serve you well.

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